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Vision grill vs. Kamado Joe: Which is the Best Kamado Grill?

One reason why people love Kamado grills so much is because people love wood-fired cooking. For some reason, the food tastes authentic and pure. Kamados can handle any backyard grilling task that you throw at it. Plus, if you’re used to cooking with a grill, the Kamado grill can make things easier.

They’re usually made from ceramics and they can retain heat with increasing efficiency. You really only need a small amount of fuel to cook, and it goes a long way. Also, you can fire up the Kamado grills and they can become very hot. The kind where you can cook Neapolitan pizza or grill any steak.

There are different Kamado Grills you can work with. But if you’re looking for something truly off the top, you might want to give Vision grill or Kamado Joe a try. They are going to add value to your kitchen and backyard. Not to mention your food will turn out to be amazing.


Vision Grill

Kamado Joe


Starts from $300

Starts from $1100


Variety of colors ranging from white to red

Red only


Height is 47 inches while cooking top is 18 1/8”

Starts from 18” up to 24”



Wood chunks and charcoal


The Design

Remember, when you are buying a Kamado Grill, you should opt for something that looks aesthetically pleasing and would go well with your surroundings. The design and style are important as they can transform your surroundings.


vision ceramic grills

Vision Grills comes in a variety of colors. These include White, Orange, Red, Taupe, Chili Red and of course the basic black which is always in fashion. Chances are, you will usually have the choice of picking a color that will blend in well with your surroundings.

If you are looking to buy a Kamado Joe Grill, you’ll be restricted with the choice of color as it does not have a wide variety of colors you can pick from. You’ll have to go for a traditional blaze red grill. If your kitchen or backyard does not have complementary colors, chances are Kamado Joe grill will not sit well.


Vision Grill is considered the best Kamado grill for a reason. The cooking space has a diameter of 18 7/8” at the bottom grate. At the top, the cooking grate has a diameter of 18 1/8”. It has 4 high-quality swivel casters along with 2 locking casters. The depth of Vision Grill is 28.8 inches, while the assembled height is 47.0 inches. The vision grill has a weight of 103 kg, which means you need to be extra careful when moving it around. It is definitely not a one-person job. The best part is it only requires 15 to 20 minutes to assemble, which means you can fire the grill whenever you want.

Kamado Joe Grills comes in different sizes as well. The size ranges from 18” to 24”. The cooking space is 452 square inches, so it’s good for feeding crowds. The cooking grids are made from commercial-grade 304 stainless steel, which protects them from corrosion and rust. It also means you can cook your steak at different temperatures without having to worry about how it would affect the food. However, the drawback is that it weighs 250 pounds, so even if you have a wheeled cart, you cannot move very far to cook at the perfect location. You'll have to compromise on it, which can be a source of inconvenience.


If you plan to buy a Kamado grill, you should check the following features. It will help you to make the decision of buying the best Kamado grill out there.


Vision grill requires a charcoal lump as this makes it easier to cook. It is also quick-change gas insert compatible. This capability is unique as it converts the grill between charcoal and gas quickly and easily. So you can grill something quickly or easily, depending on your schedule and what you feel like having at the time.

The Kamado Joe, on the other hand, has the option of cooking with charcoals. You can easily buy fuel from the company. They provide chunks of wood and charcoal. Their charcoal is made by Argentinian artisans that create charcoal that is larger. It is also better and burns with more flavor and smoke. So you should pick accordingly.


Vision grill comes with an integrated thermometer. You can use it to see how hot the grill is. This makes it perfect for cooking different food ranging from steak to sandwiches. The thermometer is very easy to read, and you can set the temperature you want without any complications.

With a Kamado Joe grill, you will also find a thermometer that can tell you when the food is done. Moreover, the newer version of the grill locks in the heat, smoke, and moisture. This gives it the best cooking environment and the food turns out pretty well.


Top Cover

Vision grill has a heavy-duty branded vinyl cape-style cover, which makes it easy to turn it on or off. As soon as the food is finished, you can easily turn it off and see how it turned out.

With Kamado Joe Grill, you will have access to airlift hinge. With this quality, you can life the dome with one finger to check how the food is cooking. Previously, it was difficult for people to lift the dome because of the weight. Now, it has become easier.

Side shelves

In vision grill, you will also have side shelves. These are made from wood and have accessory hooks so you can easily hang the accessories you need instead of having to go to the store and pull them out.

In a Kamado Joe grill, you will not find side shelves. The most you will have is a divide and conquer flexible cooking where you can set up half-racks on multiple levels. This gives more cooking space. However, there is no place to hang your accessories, which is a drawback.

Bottom Draft Vent

The vision grill has a bottom draft vent. Here, you will find a removable ash drawer, a starter pot, and vent control knobs.

In the newer version of the Kamado Joe grill, there is a patented Kontrol Tower. It allows you to have control over the airflow. It is made of aluminum, so it is unlikely to rust.


If you buy a vision grill, you will have a limited lifetime for all ceramic parts. For metal parts, you can have a warranty for up to 5 years. For thermoplastic side shelves and handles, the warranty extends up to 3 years. As for the cover, the warranty is for 1 year and for thermometer and gaskets, 90 days warranty is given. The warranty is only for you if you purchase the grill. If you plan to sell it off, the warranty is not transferred.

If you buy a Kamado Joe grill, the warranty extends up to 5 years for metal parts and 3 years on ceramic plates, unlike vision grill, which gives a lifetime warranty. It also has a 1 year warranty on thermometer and gaskets.

Our verdict

Now that you are familiar with what is a kamado grill you can pick out the one which suits you. We believe the best kamado grill to buy is Vision Grill. It has more features, is lighter, and easier to operate. Plus, it has a longer time period for a warranty, which means you can cash in whenever the grill stops working or simply malfunctions.

Also, there are a lot of accessories it comes with. Overall, it gives a better flavor to your food and can be used to cook multiple things like burgers, steaks, and even grilled cheese sandwiches. What seals the deal is that it is easier to clean because of the removable ash drawer. You definitely cannot go wrong with this one.