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Icon Grills vs. Green Egg

A Quest for The Best Kamado Grill: Icon Grill vs. Green Egg


Indeed, Kamado-style ceramic grills have stood as an integral part of the cooking advancement for almost 300 decades. The incredibly versatile Kamado grills will undoubtedly draw out the culinary artist within you with its extraordinarily great outdoor cooking options: smoking, grilling, barbeques, baking, and roasting, all in one grill.

Whether it is hamburgers, seared chicken, hot-dogs, or char-grilled briskets and ribs you are craving, Icon Grills and Big Green Egg are two outstanding options that epitomize the classic, Kamado-style grilling experience and extinguish your insatiable hunger. However, the question to ponder over is, "Which one is better?" The answer will definitely shock you.

Icon Grill vs. Big Green Egg – The Ultimate Battle

Icon Grills and Big Green Eggs are two of the most ideal choices for fulfilling all your cooking and char-grilling needs. Still, like all other equipment, looking for the right Kamado-style grill also requires some soul-searching. Hence, it is crucial to get your nitty-gritty grilling specifications right.

To allow you to make an informed choice, we will provide you a complete break-down of the ultimate features and brand history of Icon Grills and Big Green Egg. After taking a closer look and making an extensive comparison of the two, we suggest choosing Icon Grills. Keep reading to find out why.

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg (BGE) is a name in the kamado-grill range that is indeed hard to miss. The company used the Kamado's peculiar shape to its advantage and boosted its marketing. Since then, it has been renowned as one of the pioneering and leading providers of kamado grills in the United States for around 50 years now.

The BGE's have a self-centered culture that features EggFests and Eggcessories across the entire country. Indeed, the Big Green Egg is credited as a premium-quality, multi-purpose, and convenient outdoor cooker with a wide array of culinary opportunities compared to other traditional ovens alike.

Icon Grills

The Icon Grills are a relatively newly established brand, relentlessly determined to surpass the expectations of all the grills one can find in the market. Keeping this in mind, Icon Grills has exceeded the bar by making their engineers craft and design their grills to absolute perfection. Thus, they gave users the function of a timeless kamado-style grill.

Simultaneously, the brand is focused on crafting an avant-garde and elegant grill. To top it off, Icon Grills offer an enhanced functional design incorporated with cutting-edge technology. Next, you have yourself an incredible product that permits you to devour the sensational flavor of smoked charcoal and enjoy the accessibility of propane gas.

Big Green Egg vs. Icon Grills Comparison

To decide the winner in the ultimate Icon Grills vs. Big Green Eggs battle, we will be comparing both the brands in general and product-wise. Hence, we are going with the Icon Grill 100 series and Big Green Egg Large.


The kamado grill by Icon Grills is firmly based on the heritage of turning all weekend barbecuers into habitual neighborhood chefs. It entails a new sense of aesthetics, user-friendly easy-to-lift lids, a horde of convenience and safety features, and premium-grade materials to change the industry dynamics for innovation and design. Icon Grills' thick ceramic configuration offers exceptional thermal insulation that enables you to cook, smoke, bake, or grill no matter what the season.

The Big Green Egg is certainly appealing in its own way. Its classic green colorway in all of its grills adds an oomph-factor unlike any other while throwing a backyard party. Come cooking, the Big Green Egg grills can quickly heat up to high temperatures and stay insulated for long durations.

The best news is that after acquiring and setting an ideal temperature, you can maintain it for almost 6 hours without adding more coal and altering the airflow. These BGE grills can heat up to temperatures as high as 850 degrees and perfect for cooking.

Build Quality

The build quality for the Icon Grills series and Big Green Egg both is quite good. BGE takes great pride in bragging about using premium-quality ceramics forged by NASA in its products. The air-output controlling top and bottom vents and dome-style lids to give you convection-style cooking makes the Icon Kamado Convections a class apart.

The Icon Grill comes with an anti-tip stainless steel stand with handles of much better quality than the BGE stand. Also, the stand for the latter needs to be purchased separately. The difference between these 2 brands in terms of central oven bodies is not much. Still, you will evidently find the Icon Grill series to be equipped with plenty of outstanding features and accessories. 

Innovativeness and Durability

Icon Grills' working parts certainly have the upper hand over Big Green Egg in innovative materials. The Electric Starter Port in Icon Grill series makes it incredibly easy for you to light the grill. Their patented Kamado grills have color-coded heat monitoring controls to control the temperature conveniently. These grills also feature a pull-out ash drawer to clean the grill in a snap.

Conversely, the Big Green Egg's ceramic construction entails glazed porcelain. This material is excellent for retaining moisture and essential while slow-cooking food, making the Egg stand out in durability but not in innovativeness.

Cooking Space

The Big Green Egg large is a bit larger than the Icon Grill 100 series. It has a diameter of about 18.25 inches. It provides enough space of 262 square inches for cooking stuff like 20-pound turkeys, 6 chickens and 7 racks of ribs vertically, and even 12 burgers.

In comparison, the Icon Grill 100 series has a lesser cooking space of about 214 inches but features two-tier cooking grates made of stainless steel. This gives you an option to use two racks for cooking two things separately. It is also important to note that a larger grill will require more coals and more time to heat in general. So, unless you actually require a grill of a larger size and need more cooking space, it is unwise to get one.


The Icon Grill 100 series is incredibly lightweight and big enough to the extent that it can be easily accommodated within a small deck or a patio. It is ultra-chic and stylish, compact, and portable. This little package provides big flavor and is ideal for taking out on trips and campgrounds.

Adaptable, versatile, and practical,  the 100 series is entirely capable of searing, grilling, and smoking those beef briskets and pork chops as the other versions. It comes with a robust trolley carry bag and covers, making it easy to arrange and prepare as you begin barbecuing.

It features visible heat zone controls by which you can decide how to cook. Conversely, the Big Green Egg Large is larger in size and definitely heavier in weight, making it ideal for homes and backdoors.


Undoubtedly, the Big Green Egg is the untimeliness model of kamado grills to be established in the market. Still, its design has been surpassed by several other budding grills. The BGE shelves and damper can be a tad challenging to operate. The heavy ring and grills also have to be separated during cleaning and when scooping the ashes out.

In a lot of these ways, an Icon Kamado tends to be an impressive choice. The Icon Grills feature a detachable ash drawer in the majority of their models. This makes it conveniently easy to clean when you notice the party starting again.

Grilling Versatility

The Icon Grills' Quickchange Gas inserts have entirely changed the dynamics of grilling. This innovative feature can switch the grill between gas and charcoal and back again, with only a tiny footprint. This dual feature lets you enjoy the convenience of gas grilling of chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs during the weekdays while char-grilling briskets, ribs, and pork shoulders through Saturdays and Sundays. The Icon Grill is here to satiate all your food cravings.

Nonetheless, both Icon Grills and Big Green Eggs are unique brands that are incredibly well-formed and provide immense cooking opportunities. The larger sized BGE grills are fantastic for slow and high-flame cooking, giving you the chance to smoke succulent meat at low temperatures for extra juiciness.

Cooking Process

The Icon Grills are proven to give the best results if you use natural lump charcoal created from hardwood. In contrast to briquettes, the natural charcoal ignites quickly, surges to high temperature, burns for long, and produces lesser ash. The remains can also be reused later. To start your Icon grill, you should first eliminate the surplus ash from the charcoal remains. It is incredibly easy and quick to start an Icon Kamado Grill.

First, open the upper and lower vents, fill in the fire bowl with ample charcoal to conceal the air holes. Next, ignite the charcoal with a safe and certified grill starter. Once the coals start to burn, spread it out, and adjust both vents. Then wait for the grill till it heats up to the desired temperature. If needed, you can add additional charcoal with their flip-grill feature, but safety must be ensured. 

To start the BGE, you should clean out all the ash and then stack up a pile of sizable natural charcoal lumps in the fire-pit. Next, ignite the charcoals with a safe lighter and leave the top lid open and bottom vent wide till the charcoal is in flames.

Only after this point you can shut the lid and alter the temperature through the flexible exhaust and intake. The primary tool to control the BGE's temperature is airflow; hence, forced induction promptly handles and maintains high temperature.


The two grills mentioned for comparison purposes are slightly different in size. However, this does not affect their ability to cook outstandingly flavorful meat, but it impacts price. The Big Green Egg Large is priced around $859, while the Icon Grill 100 series is around $399. Moreover, BGE grills can be rather expensive because they require many different accessories to be purchased for the best results.


Based on the following terms and conditions, Icon Grills permits the purchasers that their ceramic grills will be defect-free in workmanship and material under regular use for the subsequent periods from original purchase date: 5 years for all the metal fragments, limited lifetime warranty for ceramic pieces, 1 year for gaskets, cover, and temperature gauge, and 90 days for the electric starter, adaptable grill light, side shelves, and lava bracket and stone.

Similarly, BGE also takes great pride in giving limited lifetime warranty of its products, with varying warranty periods for various components. The ceramic components like damper top, base, dome, fire ring, and firebox are warranted to the original purchaser only if they bought it from a certifiable dealer. The ceramic add-ons have a warranty of 3 years while gaskets, wooden components, and thermometers have 1-year warranties. The metal elements like the dual-function top, fire grates, cooking grids, etc. have a 5-year warranty.

Other Considerations

Both Big Green Egg and Icon Grills can use the natural lump charcoal for igniting the grill. The natural lump charcoal is readily available.

Which Grill Should You Choose?

Regardless of our choice, we assure you that you are bound to be impressed with the premium quality construction and sheer cooking ability of both brands. Purchasing a BGE implies you are getting an excellent quality grill. Still, buying an Icon Kamado Grill suggests you are getting a brilliant grill with even more outstanding trimmings.

So, no use settling on the good when Icon Grills are truly unrivaled. Icon Grills' versatility, innovation, superb customer service, and inventive nature of accessories make it a class apart from other Kamado grill companies.