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Icon Grills vs Kamado Joe: The Battle of the Kamado Grills

Icon Grills vs Kamado Joe


If you are a die-hard fan of barbeques, you should be well-aware of the exquisiteness and delectableness of cooked or grilled goods atop wood fires. This is but just one of the reasons why people preferably adore wood-burning kamado-style grills. Kamados are so deeply favored because of their ability to manage almost all kinds of grilling tasks you can think of throwing at them.  

Whether it is charred chicken or grilled ribs and briskets and juicy hamburgers or hot-hogs, Kamado Joe and Icon Grills are our two top recommendations to have a taste of what the real Kamado-style grilling experience is like. The real question that looms in the air is, which of the two Kamado grills is better? Our response is they both are exceptional in their own ways.

Kamado Grill

Usually made out of ceramics, these kamado grills are efficient in retaining heat. Even a small quantity of fuel burns for a long time and allows you to run the ceramic at slow and low temperatures for the entire day. If slow is not your style, just burn it up to scalding hot temperatures, enough to cook up a wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza. Indeed, no kamado cooking is deemed complete without searing some real steak-house style ribs, briskets, and steaks! 

Icon Grills vs. Kamado Joe

Icon Grills and Kamado Joe are two incredibly well-known names in the kamado grills market that cater to all your char-grilling and cooking needs. Still, looking for the right kind of Kamados can take some effort and time. This is why we will get straight to the crux of the matter to help you make an informed choice in the battle of Icon Grills vs. Kamado Joe. This comprehensive guide enlightens our viewers on the history of Icon Grills and Kamado Joe and the ultimate features they behold. 

About Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe was established in 2009 by Kerry Coker and Bobby Brennan, right outside Atlanta. Having built their brand on the primary focus of introducing classic-style yet contemporary looking grills with unmatched artists, groundbreaking accessories, revolutionary features, and a variety of adaptable cooking and grilling services, the Kamado Joe Grills are renowned for taking kamado-style cooking up a notch. 

These grills are imported from Yixing, China. They are designed perfectly to create adequate airflow to distribute the flavor and heat evenly. Kamado Joe Grills come in various sizes, enabling you to choose the one you deem best. A couple of extra capabilities can also be added with an assortment of Kamado Joe accessories. 

About Icon Grills

In comparison to Kamado Joe, the Icon Grill stands as a newly launched Kamado grill brand. However, it firmly and relentlessly competes with its rivals in exceeding customer expectations. Designed and crafted by some of the best engineers, Icon Grill’s state-of-the-art kamado grills are an example of sheer perfection. 

Despite being relatively new, Icon Grill gives its clients the operations of an epic kamado grill incorporated with cutting-edge technology and an equally elegant style. The Icon Grill series are available in a wide array of sizes and colors, so customers can choose one that goes well with their backyard. Get yourself a fantastic grill that enables you to have a taste of the delightful smoked charcoal as well as savor the convenience of propane gas. 

Kamado Joe vs. Icon Grills Comparison

For informational purposes, we will be comparing the Kamado Joe and Icon Grills based on their product categories. Keep reading to see a product-comparison of the Kamado Joe Classic III and Icon Grill 800 series. 


The build for both Icon Grills and Kamado Joe is spot-on. The Icon Grill 800 series takes great pride in being equipped with stainless steel lid shock absorber and dual drop-down side shelves. The 800 series is the next level kamado grill that offers a better self-contained design than its predecessor. As do all other Iron Grill series, the 800 also features lava stone for smoking and indirect cooking. 

The working parts and build quality of Kamado Joe grills are equally impressive. Like the Icon Grill 800 series, the wheels and stands also come as part of Kamado Joe Classic III. The wheel and stand locks are built out of heavy-duty and thick galvanized steel that is entirely welded together. It has an exceptionally well-configured unit that incorporates high-fired ceramic with a porcelain glaze. The Kamado Joe Classic III is reasonably thick, which keeps the outer parts relatively cool while cooking. 

Cooking Space

The Icon Grill 800 series offers 714 square inches of cooking space with enclosed storage. It comes with 2-tier stainless steel and cast-iron cooking grates. A relatively thick fire bowl gives users a better cooking experience. Known to be a Grill Master’s dream come true, the 800 series has ample space to house whatever you wish to do, be it searing, baking, char-grilling, cooking, or smoking. 

Conversely, the Kamado Joe Classic III is a Premium 18” heavy-weight ceramic grill that offers a cooking space of 510 square inches. The Classic III is different from the Icon Grill 800 series in terms of size as it features a 3-tier Divide and Conquer® Cooking System. This remarkable design doubles the cooking space and enables users to cook all types of food at different temperatures. 


Both Icon Grill 800 series and Kamado Joe Classic III are significant in terms of durability. The 800 series offers more of everything in comparison to its predecessor. This means higher quality, sturdier build, and enhanced durability. 

Likewise, Kamado Joe Class III comprises a wire mesh fiberglass gasket renowned for being extremely durable. A durable JoeTisserie made of cast aluminum also transforms the Classic Joe into a contemporary spit that harnesses the sell-greasing actions of a rotisserie within a high-fire ceramic body for juicy, tender, and smoked meats.


Icon Grills stands unmatched in innovativeness, but truthfully both brands are in a tough competition for this matter. The Icon Grill 800 series features an Electric Starter Port that makes lighting a grill incredibly easy. This patented Kamado grill has heat monitoring controls coded with colors for easy and convenient temperature control.

An impressive pull-out ash drawer completes the Icon Grill 800 series, enabling users to clean out the post-grill ashes in the snap of a finger. The 800 series also comes with enhanced, all-weather approved storage options and several other innovative characteristics, making it a fantasy grill for many. 

The Kamado Joe Classic III does not come without its set of innovativeness. Kamado lids can be quite heavy to lift, but the unique Air-lift Hinge is the solution to all your problems. Now there will be no more slam-shutting the lid accidentally and risking damages. With the Classic III, all you need to do is let go of the handle loosely, and the lid stays at the same spot.

Kamado Joe Classic III also features a groundbreaking SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert. It uses the original Harvard science that transforms the grill into a smoker. The heat and smoke are distributed evenly in recirculating, rolling waves that alleviate hotspots and give users an exceptional smoky flavor. A side-venting chimney called Kontrol Tower also gives you more control and prevents it from getting wet from the rain. 


Both Icon Grills and Kamado Joe are very easy to clean because of their detachable ash drawers. The Icon Grills 800 series encompasses a removable ash drawer like it does in all its models. Users can conveniently and quickly clean the grill and dispose of the ashes. 

Likewise, you will find a pull-out ash drawer towards the bottom of the Kamado Joe Classic III grill. This makes cleaning the grill so much easier and quicker. 

Grilling Versatility

The Quikchange Gas inserts in the Icon Grill series have entirely revolutionized the style of grilling. This advanced feature enables users to enjoy the convenience of cooking on both charcoal and gas, so you can enjoy char-grilled pork shoulders, ribs, and briskets on the weekends while savoring juicy hamburgers, hot dogs, and gas-grilled chickens throughout the weekdays. Users can easily switch between the two options with just a tiny footprint. 

When it comes to Kamado Joe Classic III, you will not find a more versatile and well-equipped kamado-style grill, hands down! The entire line of Kamado Joe grills is exceptional when it comes down to choosing a grill based on versatility. The Classic III is undoubtedly one of the best backyard charcoal grills to savor the delectable slow-roasted briskets and ribs and impress the heck out of your family and friends. Additional grates can be purchased with this 3-tier divide and conquer cooking system for more cooking space. 


Based on these terms and conditions, all the series of Icon Grills undergo the following warranty conditions. The ceramic grills are bound to be free from defects in material and workmanship under everyday use for the subsequent periods, starting from the original date of purchase: limited lifetime guarantee for all-ceramic components, 5-year warranty for all metal components, 1-year warranty for gaskets, and a 90-day period for other items like lava bracket and stone, flexible grill light, and electric starter.

Kamado Joe warrants a limited lifetime warranty for all the ceramic components until the grill is in the original buyer's ownership. A 5-year warranty is available on the metal components, a 3-year warranty on pizza tone and heat deflector, and a 1-year warranty is available on gaskets and thermometer. The warranty coverage begins from the original purchasing date and can only be claimed by the original buyer. For uninterrupted services and the warranty to be valid, it is best to have your grill registered.  


The two mentioned grills tend to be a little different in terms of size and cooking space. While the Icon Grills 800 series features 2-tiers with a 714 square inches cooking space, the Kamado Joe Classic III features a 3-tier divide and conquer system with a 510 square inch cooking space. The latter can be further increased with additional plates. Still, the difference in size does not affect the cooking style but does impact price. The Classic III is $1,699, while the Icon 800 series is $1,799, due to more cooking space. 

Which Grill Should You Choose?

We assure you that you will find premium quality construction, outstanding cooking ability, and impressive and innovative characteristics in both Icon Grills 800 series and Kamado Joe Classic III. The Classic III stands out exclusively because of its inventive accessories and innovative features, but so does the Icon Grill 800. However, the Icon Grill is bound to meet all your smoking, searing, cooking, and grilling needs. Regardless of our choice, both grills are bound to impress your guests and satisfy you to your heart’s content.