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Ilve Range vs La Cornue Range

Ilve Range vs La Cornue

A good cooking range can make all the difference to your kitchen. It can give it a nice elegant look, or a more vintage one, depending on what you are aiming for. The two best brands you should pick from are the Ilve or the La Cornue. Their products are elegant and stylish. They also give your kitchen a complete look. Plus, having a good range in your kitchen is vital as there is so much that needs to be done.

Ilve has been building luxury appliances since 1952, and it has still managed to vow the world with its craftsmanship. You can't go wrong with Ilve. It has the best and most unique features. Of course, it can only be rivaled with La Cornue. As the name suggests, it's French, so you can only expect beauty and elegance from this brand. Both brands provide ranges which can suit your needs. Here are some of their features.


Ilve Range

La Cornue


Starts from $3500

Starts from $8745


Available in 213 colors

Is available in metallic colors


3 styles mainly Majestic, Nostalgie, and Techno

3 styles, mainly Chateau, Cornefu, and Cornuchef


Starts from 36” to 40”

Starts from 30” to 71”


Gas oven

Gas and electric oven


The Design

Before you buy a range, you should study the design and see if it appeals to you. You should know that the design can give your kitchen a whole new appearance. So let's compare the design of Ilve and la Cornue to see which one is better.


The best part about buying Ilve range cooker is that you can get it in a variety of colors. And the variety does not just mean 10 or 15 colors. In fact, you can get the range in 213 different colors. It’s hard to think that you will not find a color that blends well with your kitchen. Whichever color you want, Ilve has you covered.

With La Cornue, you also have access to a variety of colors. These range from black to white with different shades of pink in between. These are not the only colors you will find. In fact, you can even order the range in tomato or maize color. You can even have different shades in one color—for instance, matte and brilliant black. However, you should know that the variety is nowhere near the ones possessed by Ilve. So, choose accordingly.


The size for the Ilve range is 36” if you plan to buy their majestic range. If you want the Nostalgie range, the size is 40”. It’s a couple of inches taller and ideal if you want higher tops. The techno range starts from 36” and has an upper limit of 40”. So feel free to pick out the size and style you are most comfortable with.

With the La Cornue range, the dimensions range from 30" to 71". You can easily order it online and it will be delivered to you. As you can see the height is almost the same as Ilve range.



The best part about Ilve range cooker is that you can get it in whichever style you want. However, there are three main ones you should consider.

Majestic II

True to its name, it will be the centerpiece of your kitchen. It has handcrafted details such as rounded lines, ergonomic design, custom finishes, and even innovative technology. It's one of the most popular ones and has good reviews if you want to give it a try.



It is a timeless series and captures the whole essence of cooking. It’s something you might find in high-end restaurants. However, the Ilve range has also been transformed for homemade kitchen. So you can cook at home while getting the impression that you are cooking in a high-end restaurant.


This series is almost the same as the Majestic in almost every feature. However, the best part is that it has a more contemporary look with all the modern features. So if you want something more modern, you should opt for this.

La Cornue Range

The La Cornue also has 3 main styles.

  1. Chateau

The most common one is called Chateau. The Grand Palis 180 is the most promising one in the series.

  1. CornueFu

This is the most popular one in the US partly because of its oven, which offers seven different settings. The oven also has in-oven racks, which ensures a perfect fit when baking or cooking.

  1. Cornuchef

It is a combination of both of the above styles and is available in 24 colored enamels and 2 metallic finishes. It also has a solid top, induction plate, and an oven.


Now that you have some idea of the features that both ranges offer, you should also look into the performance and see if it is something worth investing in.


For the Ilve range, the performance is as impressive as the appearance. The gas burners are made with precision and can boast up to 15,000 BTUs. They have multiple rings of flame, which do a good job of curling in the center. Therefore, most of the heat goes directly into the cooking and not in the room.

The griddle burner of the Ilve range is an oval-shaped gas burner. It heats the stainless griddle, which can be replaced with other accessories such as a steam set, bain-marie or anything you choose to go with.

La Cornue burners have a typical French top and some of the models have 1 power burner and 2 gas burners. However, you also have the option of customizing it if you wish according to your needs.


The oven for Ilve range is as unique as the design. It seems the craftsmen were thinking of the needs of the users before they made an oven. You can choose a single or double combination oven according to your needs. If you want, you can also opt for the Majestic 30-inch version with 6 cooking levels. The temperature control is electronic in this one. You can bake multi-rack baking if you want to experiment with different recipes at one time.

For a La Cornue range, you can get a vaulted gas oven. It also has an electric oven located beneath range. So, you can choose to cook with either one, depending on your comfort level. However, there is all there is to it regarding the oven here.


With Ilve range cooker, you can get a warranty of 2 years. This comes directly from the manufacturer and you are eligible for a 5 year warranty if you register the product within 90 days of the day of purchase. The registration is free of charge and you can do it online.

With La Cornue, you get a warranty of three years but not beyond that.

Final Verdict

Now that you know about the above features, you can choose the best one. However, if it were up to us, we would opt for Ilve range cooker. It is cheaper and comes in more variety than the La Cornue. Plus, the burner has more power than La Cornue, not to mention that the Ilve range cooker's warranty is 5 years. Also, if you were to look at the Ilve range cooker, you would see they have more positive reviews. People trust the brand, and it has paid off well. While La Cornue has style, it might be suited for a more extravagant lifestyle.