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Kettle Vs Barrel Grill

Kettle Vs Barrel Grill

 Kettle Vs Barrel Grill

When it comes to grilling, we all have our preferences. Some people prefer the traditional kettle charcoal grill while others would rather invest in a barrel charcoal grill. Which type of barbecue grill is the best? Kettle grill or Barrel grill? It really depends on what you are looking for in a backyard grill. In this post, we will take a look at both of these types of grills and compare their pros and cons so that you can decide which type is right for your family!

Kettle Grill

Kettle Grills are one of the most popular grills around. One of the most recognized brands for these types of grills is Weber. There are a few different styles out there, but all have one thing in common: they come with a round cooking area and an open top that is surrounded by heat shields on three sides to keep the fire contained while letting smoke escape through vents at the top and/or bottom. The kettle grill was designed to be a versatile cooking surface that offers many different options. It is perfect for grilling and searing meats with high temperatures at the end of the process for maximum flavor.

Barrel Grill

Barrel Grills are a little different from kettle grills because they have a closed lid and are shaped like an old-fashioned barrel. These grills come with some really cool features that make them stand out, including the ability to cook indirectly or directly. There are two types of designs when it comes to barrel grills. The first design has a closed top with vents or an opening in the side and bottom for airflow. The lid of this grill is made from the barrel itself. The second design type is a horizontal barrel with an opening that can be left open or closed with vents on the side. Moss Grills offer an assortment of barrel grill options. These grills design allow for additional cooking methods.



Kettle grills typically have a price range of $150-$300, while a barrel grill can start at about $800. Barrel grills are also more expensive to maintain because they need repair or replacement parts over time. Kettles typically last longer as the steel doesn’t wear out with use like on a barrel grill that may rust from being exposed to moisture. Your budget and preferences dictate which grill is your best choice.


Kettle grills are generally used for searing meat with higher temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Barrel grills start at high heat around 500-700 degrees Fahrenheit and can go as low as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This provides a wider range of temperature control that barrel grillers need if they want to do different types of cooking like smoking or roasting which require lower temperatures. Kettle grillers would have to buy another kind of grill if they wanted to do more than searing as it is difficult to keep the temperature low on the kettle grill.


A good maintenance routine is essential before each use of either type of grill - this includes cleaning inside, changing any burned-out briquettes (or charcoal), adding new ones, and wiping off excess moisture regularly so there is no build-up (inside and out). The rusting issue of barrel grills can be prevented if preventative measures are taken. A barrel grill has a chimney (or exhaust) for the draft so you don’t have to open up the door - but when ash accumulates inside this chimney, it needs to be cleaned out before each use in order for proper air circulation instead of being blocked by old ashes.

Kettles typically last longer as the steel doesn't wear out with use like on a barrel grill that may rust from condensation dripping down onto it. The use of a grill cover is also recommended for both grills to keep it looking new and prevent rust from forming.

Food Taste and Texture

Cooking food properly can positively or negatively affect the flavor of food. Barrel barbecue grills are the best choice if you're looking for a grill that will cook your food in an even way so nothing burns or is undercooked. The kettle grill has more of a tendency to leave some food undercooked or burned. The surface space of a grill is a key factor in helping cook food evenly. Proper surface space allows the heat to evenly distribute throughout the grill and the food, which is why barrel grills are a good choice.

It's also important to consider that your cooking methods affect flavor when selecting a grill or deciding on what type of barbecue you want for your next event. If you prefer items cooked in an even way without any burnt edges, then a barrel barbecue grill might be the best choice for you.

The kettle grill, on the other hand, provides a more hands-on cooking experience. Food will have more direct exposure to fire and smoke. This type of cookout typically leaves food cooked in different degrees of doneness (e.g., some items are charred while others can still be considered moist).



Kettle GrillVs Barrel Grill

Barrel grills are typically larger than kettle grills, so they’re great for cooking large amounts for parties or groups of people. They can also be used as a smoker if you want to cook meat over low heat with indirect cooking methods. The size makes grilling difficult if you must move around and store the grill in small spaces though, so make sure you have space before purchasing one. What we like most about the size is that the grilling surface area is so large. It’s easy to grill large amounts of food at once.

Kettle grills are smaller in size and can be used easily as an everyday kitchen appliance or for tailgating before the game. These types of barbecue grills aren't the best choice for smoking. Although smoking can be done with the grill. They’re also more affordable than barrel grills because they don’t have as many features. Also, they heat up faster so cooking time can be reduced by about half depending on the type of food. Because kettle grills are smaller in size, they offer a smaller grilling surface. This isn't ideal if you are trying to cook for a large family or if you are cooking food that takes longer to grill. Overall, it all comes down to the person's grilling preferences with how much space they have. What we like about them is their efficiency-they cook food just as well as barrel grills do without using up so much gas/energy because of their compact design. If ease of use matters more than cost savings then get yourself one of these beauts.

Kettle grills can usually fit about 12 burgers at once and they cook food quickly too! The large size of barrel grills allows for up to 25 burgers at once. Barrel grills are much larger than kettle grills and offer more capacity and flexibility. The grills allow for more room for cooking and also allow more space to maneuver.

Direct vs Indirect Cooking Methods

Since Barrel Grills allow for both direct and indirect cooking (most kettles don't), this is really helpful when trying to prepare different foods at different temperatures throughout the same process like BBQing chicken wings while baking cornbread muffins on another burner. It's easier to use natural convection currents created inside a closed top barrel. Kettle grills do not have the same level of versatility that a barrel grill has. What kettle grills may lack they make up for with portability as they are easy to transport. Barrel grills also allow for smoker boxes to be attached. These allow for an even improved barbecue smoke and a better overall outdoor cooking experience.


The weight is noticeably more than the kettle grill, weighing in at weights 60 or more pounds whereas a typical kettle grill weighs about 25 to 30 pounds. The size difference between these two models may be negligible but it's worth noting that due to its larger design, there will be a larger weight with the barrel-style grill.


In conclusion, both types of grills have their pros and cons. The only way to find out which one is the best for you will be by deciding what your needs are. However, barrel-style grills seem to provide the best of both worlds by being able to cook a wide variety of dishes whether they be meat, vegetables, or bread. If those cooking options interest you, you should look at what Moss Grills has to offer.